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NetEnt is an interesting developer. The Swedish studio is known for producing some of the most beautiful and advanced slots of today, yet when it comes to table games, it likes to keep things simple.

A perfect example of this policy is the RNG NetEnt Blackjack release from 2015. The company has purposefully left out bells and whistles such as unconventional rules and intricate gambling to deliver a classic experience. This title is truly no-frills, but that doesn’t mean it’s crude.

Here, we’ll give you the opportunity to play the game for free while we discuss all of its nifty quality-of-life features. If you like its vintage vibe and would like to play with real money, check out our list with the top online casinos at the end of this review.

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NetEnt Blackjack: Rules and Basics of the Game

This version follows rules that are similar to the Vegas Strip ones. In NetEnt Blackjack, the shoe consists of 6 decks of 52 cards where the Joker is omitted. You can choose to play with a single hand or go all the way up to 3 per playthrough.

Player cards are dealt face up, while the dealer only has one visible until you bust or decide to stand. The house must stand on 17 and draw until it has a 16. You can double down after the two first cards, except when you decide to split 2 Aces. After the double down, the value of your initial bet is increased twice fold, and you automatically stand.

According to NetEnt Blackjack rules, you can split once per hand if the first two cards you’re dealt are of the same face value. This also doubles your wager. You can hit in all cases except when you’re splitting a pair of Aces. Keep in mind that a dealer Blackjack will beat any of your split hands with a value of 21.

Blackjack table

Betting Options Connected to the Peek Rule

You’ll be happy to know that the peek rule is active in this RNG title. Every time the first dealer card is an Ace or has a value of 10, the dealer will check for Blackjack.> If the house’s initial pair forms 21 and yours doesn’t, you’ll lose. At first glance, this might not seem too helpful. However, the check prevents you from doubling down and potentially losing more money.

If you spend some time playing our NetEnt Blackjack demo, you’ll also notice two functionalities connected to the peek rule. The first is the insurance side bet. You can place it when you see an Ace in the house’s hand at the beginning of the game. The insurance is always equal to half of your initial wager and pays 2:1. It’s offered as a way to cut your losses if you suspect a Blackjack from the other side.

Then there’s Even Money. If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, but you get a Blackjack, you can settle for a 1:1 payout before the peek. The worst-case scenario here is a push, so we advise you to try your luck in this situation.


How to Play Tutorial and Feature Breakdown

At the start of NetEnt Blackjack, you need to decide with how many hands you’re going to play and how much you’re going to bet. You’ll see chips either at the bottom (desktop) or middle (mobile) of the screen. Click on the desired token and place it on one of the white areas. The game has limits of €1-€500, so you can start with up to €1,500 if you load up all three positions.

From then, you press “Deal”, and the action begins. Hit, stand, and double down will always be visible, while insurance and splits will appear whenever the conditions permit it. After the conclusion of a game, NetEnt Blackjack allows you to place an entirely new bet or repeat your last wager.

If you want to tweak the settings, you need to look at the bottom edges of the screen. This product doesn’t permit you to switch the colors of the table, but you can choose between 5 smooth soundtracks to create a proper playing atmosphere. If you wish, you can also remove the music and all the sound effects.

The “Speed” slider has an important function. It affects how fast cards are dealt, which can save you time if you’re seasoned and can take decisions quickly. Next to the options are two buttons from which you can access the paytable and game rules.

Play NetEnt Blackjack for Free Here

Now that you know the ropes, you can take the next step and trial NetEnt Blackjack. A free version of the game is available here. Use it to practice and improve your decision making with no financial risks.

Blackjack payouts

NetEnt Blackjack RTP and Payouts

Experienced players love blackjack because of its extremely high 99.59% theoretical RTP. If you know the right moves (JL to lower H2), your chances of winning are almost as good as a coin toss. However, with so many online iterations, you’ll need to check the rules and paytable to establish if this return is achievable.

The below stats show that everything is as it should be; Naturals pay 3:2, while insurance – 2:1. A lot of people ask if you should insure yourself in NetEnt Blackjack. The house edge on this wager is above 6%, so we recommend that you skip it in all cases.

The Best Blackjack Strategy When Playing with Real Money

The most mathematically-sound method of playing blackjack is called “basic strategy.” This system will tell you if you need to hit, stand, split, or double depending on the sum of your cards and what the dealer’s hand is showing.

The pros know it by heart, but if you’re a new or casual player, you’ll need the help of a chart. We have one ready for you beneath this paragraph. As opposed to live casino variants, NetEnt Blackjack doesn’t have a time limit, so you can take it slow. Keep in mind that this table only works for titles with 4-8 deck shoes where the dealer stands on 17. Don’t use it in other cases.

NetEnt Blackjack and Other Game Recommendations

NetEnt has another RNG blackjack release that deserves mention. It’s a single-deck version that’s visually similar to this one. Knowing what’s left in the deck can help in certain situations but do note that a shuffle occurs every time you bet.

Otherwise, the developer is a master at making slots. We recommend that you try some of its top hits like “Starburst,” “Guns n Roses,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” These above titles are available in some of the best online casinos such as Royal Panda, Casumo, and Mr Green. For more interesting Blackjack games, check out this table.

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