French Roulette Game Review

This French Roulette game from Microgaming was released back in 2004 but it still remains a solid option for playing online. It uses a European-style wheel and gives players a wide range of different betting options to choose from. We will go on to look at all of the features and how to play it later on in this French Roulette review. You will also see in a moment how easy it is to play a free demo or else to start wagering with real cash.

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  • La Partage included
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The Basic Rules Covered

The standard European rules are in force on Microgaming’s French Roulette game. This means that only one zero is used and that a big number of bets can be chosen, including called bets, inside and outside bets, and neighbor bets. La partage rules are followed on here too.

French roulette scheme

More About the Called Bets and Special Features

The called bets can be easily selected to give you a greater variety of different options and more ways of trying to get a win. Once you click on this button, you will see a list of different bets including the likes of les voisins du zero, les orphelins, tiers du cylindre, and more. If you aren’t used to playing French Roulette then it is certainly worth taking a few moments to discover exactly what all of these options cover.

How to Play This Game

The large number of different bets may make this look fairly awkward for newcomers or for anyone not used to French rules in roulette. Yet, it is simple enough to choose your chips and then place them on the bet you want to make. You are then ready to hit the spin button and get set to see what number the ball finally lands on.

The minimum and maximum bets that you can place vary according to the bet. You will be advised if you attempt to select a stake that is higher or lower than the permitted amounts. For example, even or odd bets can go up to $500 but a straight number wager can only reach $62.50. In term of the minimum bets, you can place as little as $1 on most of the available bet types. Choose to repeat the same bet if you want to place the same amount on a new bet.

Expert mode allows you to alter the bet layout until it suits you perfectly. Apart from that, there is little that you can do to change the game settings. It is mainly just a question of choosing your stake and getting started once you are ready to play.

Check Out the Demo Game

The demo game lets you try this exciting Microgaming roulette title very easily. If you like the sound of it then give it a try now with absolutely no risk.

Find Out About RTP and Payouts

An RTP of 98.65% is fairly standard for an online gambling like this. If you use a good strategy then you will expect to see your winnings turn out at a similar level to your losses.

The odds for the different kinds of win are also pretty much in line with what you would expect to see too. As is typically the case, the lower the chance of a bet coming up the greater the return to you if it does. The table below shows you how much you could win in each different situation.

  • A straight up bet on a single number pays out at 35 to 1 if you guess correctly.
  • Split bets are rewarded by 17 to 1 wins.
  • 11 to 1 is the prize on street bets.
  • You get 8 to 1 on square bets that are successful.
  • 5 to 1 pay outs come on line bets.
  • Column bets are on a 2 to 1 basis.
  • Dozen bets are also set at 2 to 1.
  • 1 to 1 is the rate for an even money bet.

Your Strategy When Playing With Real Money Stakes

With many different bets to choose from, you might have a certain strategy in mind. The wide betting limits and the generous number of bet types make French Roulette from Microgaming suitable for varying kinds of roulette strategy.

Will you use a progressive system, go with large stakes or find some other way of playing? The truth is that there are some different ways of playing this game to suit your taste. Of course, it is also possible to just play for fun without having any kind of strategy in place at all. This means just leaving your success down to pure luck.

Details of the Provider and Their Other Games

Most people who have played online casino games at some point will have come across Microgaming titles by now. They are one of the most important names in the industry, with an extensive collection of diverse casino games of all type to their name. The rest of their big selection of roulette titles includes Europe Roulette Gold and Roulette Royale, among others. They also offer blackjack variants and exciting slots along the lines of Lost Vegas, Xcalibur, and Game of Thrones.

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